I wasted years on treatments which didn't work

Don't make the same mistakes that I did!


This short course gives you five tips that are critical to understand when you're first diagnosed.

  • The importance of finding the root cause or causes in your personal situation.

  • What can you do to start feeling better now by taking control of your health.

  • There's ALWAYS something that you can do to improve your situation.

  • Taking action is the very first step to feeling better.

Course curriculum

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    Five mistakes I made with hair loss (alopecia)

    • How long does it take to regrow your hair after hair loss?

    • Should I try Conventional or Functional Medicine to address hair loss (alopecia)?

    • Which shampoo will help my hair to regrow?

    • Will supplements help my hair to regrow?

    • What will help to regrow my hair?

    • So what now? How can I kickstart hair regrowth?

    • Book a call with me!


Board Certified Functional Health Coach

Laura Krippner

After a successful corporate career (PwC, HSBC, Deloitte) Laura retrained as a Functional Health Coach with the Kresser Institute. She was drawn to Chris Kresser's research intensive training. She's certified by both the Kresser Institute and the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. Laura experienced her own health crises and supported her son to manage his alopecia into remission and regrow his hair. As a trauma informed coach she understands that it can be very difficult to obtain the support that you need to manage complex conditions via conventional medicine.


aka what it's like to work with me

Less drama!


I am so grateful to have met Laura, and I feel so much better because of her help. I wish I had met Laura 13 years earlier – it would have saved me so much drama!

Eye lashes have started to grow!


We can see the little spots appearing on his scalp with some fine hair peeping through in parts. Fine fair eye lashes have started to grow which is great as we haven't seen that since he lost all of his hair.

Heal from within!


I am so happy I came across Laura’s page and reached out to her as she has helped me get into the right mindset to change my lifestyle so I will benefit from it in the long run as will my AI condition. I have learned that we must heal from within in order to heal on the outside Thank you Laura and keep up the amazing work.

Laura really knows how to motivate!


Laura really knows how to motivate, and made me feel comfortable when sharing my personal goals/obstacles. My biggest success whilst working with Laura has been learning about the importance of routine with regards to eating at regular intervals to maintain energy and blood sugar levels, and creating a schedule to suit my lifestyle and body clock.

Encouragement and Empathy


In the last year I have lost excess weight, improved my sleep, reduced anxiety and increased my physical activity and Laura's encouragement and empathy were key in my success.

Life-changing experience


...within three weeks I am on a completely different path! It was a life changing experience and one I am in complete and utter awe of. Thank you Laura, you have a gift that will help many people.

Start on the road to recovery

This is what I wish I'd known back in 2016!

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